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Evelyn M. Peters
Integra Wealth Planners

This is easily the best place to get all my car related queries sorted. A single stop to understand the working of the vehicle along with well thought off reviews which are very informative and practical.

Amy J. Allen
Rich and Happy

I was very nervous about owning a truck. I was sure that the many goof ups I would make while handling the insurers and the company people would rattle me. However, with constant support from this team getting my dream truck and accessorizing it was the best experience for me.

Larry R. Jepsen
Quality Realty Services

Finding trustworthy people who give unbiased opinion of different vehicles and how to increase their efficiency is not an easy task. But with these guys, all I have to do is post my query and the reply reaces my inbox in no time. You guys are doing an excellent job!

Main Stream Garages Can Offer Cheap MOTS

 Being a vehicle owner requires you to go through a series of maintenance processes. One such process is the compulsory annual MOT test. These tests are facilitated by the Ministry of Transport to ensure vehicles are safe for use on the road. It involves scrutinizing vehicle parts and checking if they meet the necessary requirements. These tests are conducted in some servicing stations, after which the owner is given a pass or fail certificate, depending on the car’s condition. 

If your vehicle is new (less than three years old), you are required to take it for an MOT test before three years after its registration elapses. If it is over three years old, you should ensure you have it tested before one year after its previous test is over. Read More...