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5 actvities for petrolhead heading to Modena

Italy by car?

What's the purpose of loving cars, you may ask, without the least bit of an aspiration to hop on your favourite one and drive across new lands? With so many interesting places right behind the sea, an European tour sounds almost natural for any petrolhead that praises as such in the United Kingdom. Certainly, the experience of driving around Europe, taking some days to hit the road and see so many different places and meet people, is something you should never skip. At least once in your life you need to do it, so you can experience the possibilities of driving, even the life-changing power of a car, more than any other way in the world.

So where to go? Car lovers will definitively include Italy in their top list of priorities, because man, do the Italian people know how to buld a car. Italian family names are all around the place when it comes to quality engines and breathtaking designs. Race cars, sportscars, luxury cars, and all the good choices you can make, are likely to have an Italian name stamped over it. So you definitively want to visit Italy on your trip to Europe. And if you are a race car enthusiast, you have for sure heard of Modena, the cradle of Ferrari. So here is a list of places you can visit to please your taste. Head to Modena, spend a couple days there, and don't forget to check out these spots that are listed below. You wouldn't forgive yourself if you missed at least one of them! Read More...

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  • 5 actvities for petrolhead heading to Modena

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